Saturday, October 30, 2010

Autism Walk, playdate, and dinner with neighbors!

So our Saturday was very busy, but it was a good busy. It started off with the Autism Walk down at M&T Bank stadium. Naturally in Roach fashion we were late. Lilly didn't want to wear her shirt I made for her, until she saw that I was wearing the same outfit. Then finally she decided it was ok. On the way to the stadium, which we never drive to, we sorta got lost finding the correct parking lot. The volunteer didn't explain things well, so we ended getting on 95 N, for a hot second only to get off. The walk this year was 2.5 miles going around both Ravens Stadium and Oriel Park, however me being 38 weeks preggo and Lilly walking we only made it around Ravens Stadium. It wasn't bad, Lilly enjoyed stopping by painting a pumpkin and going into the bounce house! Not to mention she got to hang out with her best friend Al. Of course I took some pictures but they are on my phone and I don't feel like uploading them right now. Around 11:30 we decided it was enough and we came home. Just in time for some food and nap, only for me to get ready for the next event. A BaltimoreMommies, MOTC/C Halloween play date.

I hadn't hosted anything in a while, so I thought a Halloween play date would be fun, since Lilly has been loving Halloween activities this year. It was also another chance for her to wear her costume. Its not all the exciting but she loves it. Oh and I must say she is one cute kitty cat! I had a pretty good turn out and here are a few pictures of the fun!

Some of the good treats, I had and so mini cupcakes Sara made! Yummy!

Here is the kitty cat! Isn't she just so cute!
Lilly and her boys! Caden the frog and Alex the Aligator.
Cricket the chicken and Max the cow!

After the playdate, we were to have dinner with our neighbors Sarah and Dave. We have been trying to get together with them forever, probably since July! We both are busy when the other is free. It just happened to work out since our original party was canceled. Lilly was very excited to go visit her friend Kiri and and Ben and I enjoyed just having a nice dinner with friends. We love catching up on neighbor hood gossip and life with another baby. Sarah had her second in the end of September. Lose (said Low-say) which is short for Losehina (pronounced Low-Say-Hee-Na) is nothing but cute and such a good baby!

Phew what a day! It was a nice one, tomorrow should be fun too!

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