Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween

The big day is finally here! Lilly was just so excited, she has been dying to put on her costume. In the morning Ben went into work to do some grading while Lilly and hung out at home. Then around noon we went and meet Ben at work and went to lunch. Of course Lilly didn't want to eat the lunch we went and got, I think she had more fun running around the place. We finally got home and Lilly went down for her nap. It was later then normal so I knew I was going to have to wake her but with Trick or Treating going to happen I knew she would be more willing to get up!

We actually got trick or treaters starting around 4pm! We didn't' even buy candy since we weren't planning on being here, when trick or treaters would come. So we ended up giving them cookie and cracker packages we happen to have. Once we got Lilly up we headed to my dad's neighborhood. It was an excellent place to go Trick or Treating. Lilly got a ton of candy and did a great job! She was just so excited. She also go to show her costume off to Uncle Benson, Aunt Kate and Desmond.

We took plenty of pictures of Lilly's Halloween so here they are!

Walking to Grandpa's house, she was on a mission!
Come on Dad, lets go, I need candy!
After collecting some candy from Grandpa!
Going to one of her first houses, she had no problem walking up the door and saying Trick or Treat!
Her pumpkin is getting full.
All smiles, while they dropped me off at Grandpas, I was done with luggind my large belly around!
Just a picture of me, Lilly and Cole :P

It was a great Halloween for all of us!

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