Saturday, November 6, 2010

Me update...

I had day off work! Yay, its nice to get a day here and there. On Tuesday I went to vote, and then went to Target and got some necessary items and then stopped for a pedicure which was heavenly and then off to my NST, sono and doctors appointment.

My NST went ok, but Cole was all over the place, so he kept jumping off the monitor so it took longer then normal. Then I went to my dr. office and it reminded me why I picked morning appointments! It took forever! I get a sonogram first then get my exam. It was packed in there, so I knew it was going to take forever. I finally got my sono and of course Cole looks great! He definitely is looking chunky, yikes. Then I went back into the waiting room to wait for my doc. When I got called back I think I waited in the exam room for 20 mins! She finally came in and low and behold no progress was made. So back into the waiting room till it was my turn to meet with her. Here's where it gets exciting. So after talking to my doc, we decided, ok I decided to have a c- section a week earlier then planned. The original plan was to attempt a VBAC, but with no progress being made and being 38 weeks and big and miserable I decided that at 39 I would just have the c-section. Plus I was going to have another growth scan done at 39 weeks to see if I was going to have to get a section, I just decided that go for it and low and behold, I left the office with a c/s on Tuesday Nov. 9th at 12:45!

Yikes and Yay, all at the same time. This meant one more weekend to get everything together, prep Lilly as much as we can, and have a final weekend as a family of three! Talk about a ton of emotions running through my head. Not to mention Tuesday was the 2 yr anniversary of my moms death. I think it was a great day for me, I sorta symbolized the circle of life. I am sure I will be a mess in a couple of days when I realize my mom will never get to meet Cole but I am sure she is watching down on me and loving that I having a baby boy.

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