Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Life at home

Well since coming home, its been an interesting time for all of us. Poor Lilly has been through the ringer but is hanging in there. Sunday she had a few melt downs, but probably due to no nap. On the plus side she has been doing awesome with potty training. Who would have thought, I think she just wants to prove to us all she is a big girl and a great big sister.

Cole is adjusting well and pretty much eats, sleeps and poops! I must say he is great sleeper and night time feedings aren't bad at all. I pretty much get up once a night and to me that's not bad at all. I mean sometimes I don't go to bed until midnight but that's still ok with me. I am in the happy tired phase. Who knows how long this will last, but for now I am good.

Here are a few pictures since we have been home. I need to get better at taking them, I swear with Lilly I had a million by now!

Just chilling at home, eyes all open and everything.
Silly face, you know sayin' whats up!

Sara and Caden came to visit. Caden and Cole are already going to BFF's, see they are holding hands.
Uncle Benson came by to visit. So naturally I have them all in a picture.
I am not sure why Benson can't make a normal face in pictures?? The worst part this is the best one! Good think Lilly looks good.

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