Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Big Boo Boo

Lilly too her first spill at daycare on Nov. 16th I'm trying to catch up so I am posting this late but better late then never right??

Anyway I got a phone call how Lilly has taken a spill on the playground and looked kinda bad. Usually when I pick up daycare Miss Robin isn't there, she leaves before I can get Lilly, so she just wanted to warn me it looks kind of bad. I was totally thinking the worse when it happened. They actually had to take her to the school nurse, it was bleeding so much. So I was worried all day, well it looked bad. Poor baby, looked like she was in a fight and lost!

Here are a few pictures of what she looked like.

This is one of my favorite. I think she is so cute, even all banged up!

I don't think the pictures ever did it justice but as you can see Miss Lilly still was as happy as she could be. I think it made her just a little bit tougher too!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Ok so seriously I haven't been the best blogger at all. I will really try and keep this up now!

I feel like so much has happened since that last time I updated, duh you say, its been 8 months!

The summer came and went and Ben, Bean and I headed to the beach twice. Once to Corolla, NC with some friend for a week. It was one the best vacations I have been on! Then we headed to OC to spend sometimes with The Scheollkopf's. Lilly and Jack always seem to have a good time together!

Lilly and Ben did enjoy some quality time together. They spent many days at the Zoo.

August is when Lilly started back to daycare and Ben went back to work. It’s been a busy fall with a trip to Ohio, some fun Halloween activities and just recently Thanksgiving. We are now kicking off the Christmas season.

Today we went to Kennedy Krieger's Festival of Trees! It was so much fun. Lilly loved it and walked all over the place. She also took her first ride on a carousel, I know she is almost two and this is the first time! She loved it. A little impatient waiting for it to start, she tried out several horses before she committed to one!

Here are a few pics of what happened since June.

Me and Lilly Bean at the beginning of summer!

Me and Lilly Bean in the awesome pool we had at the beach.

Al and Lilly chillin in a chair after a dip in the pool!
Happy Birthday to Soup! Lilly liked sporting the birthday tiara!

The morning we left the beach, it only took us 9 hours to get home! We had a great time and can't wait to go on vacation with the Harris' again!
Lilly and Jack at the Merritt's.

Lilly and Jack at the beach in OC. It was a great weekend.

Our trip to Ohio for OWU homecoming.

Lilly loved Papa's greenhouse.

Alex and Lilly my little bee at the 2nd annual BaltimoreMommies Trunk or Treat!

My buzzy bee!

Trick or Treating at Kenilworth Mall. She was a pro at trick or treating. I was so proud!

Trick or treating around my dad's neighborhood. Still did an amazing job!