Thursday, January 29, 2009

Went to get ears pierced and left without them

So after months and months of saying I will Lilly's ears pierced we went in the crappy weather to not get them done. Unfortunately Lilly came home from daycare early on Tuesday with a fever. They called Ben to let him know she woke up from her nap with a 102 fever. Luckily crappy weather permitted Ben to say home with her yesterday.  I just thought it was a one day thing so I kept Lilly's ear piercing appointment. 

We loaded up and went to the doctors office. When we got there the nurse practitioner questions why Lilly wasn't looking good, granite she just work up but we told her about the fever and she checked her out. Well her lungs and ears where clear but she for sure had a 102 temp. I knew at this point we were not going to get her ear's pierced.  I am very glad that Ben was there since it took both of us to hold Lilly down while the nurse was checking her out. 

Today Lilly woke up with a slight fever so I was hoping we were on our way to recovery but as the day went on her temp went up and she was miserable. She also now has this gross cough, but she is sleeping. I hope tomorrow is a better day, and if not I will be calling the doctor and not to schedule ear piercing. Bummer. However I will keep you posted on when the big day occurs! 

Saturday, January 24, 2009

12 Month Well Baby visit!

This past thursday Lilly went to see Dr. Roskes for her 12 month well baby visit. She did ok, not great but thats to be expected. Since Dr. Roskes was my pediatrician so he knows my family and was sorry to hear about the loss of my mom. He was very nice and gave me a big hug and wanted to know how my dad was doing. Very thoughtful of him. Anyways, when he walked in the room Lilly started to cry. She knew what was coming. She practically jumped on me to hold her and I sure did. My poor baby :(

Dr. Roskes was impressed with her walking at such an early stage (she walked at 10 1/2 months) and likes that she is doing well eating table foods. He gave us the go ahead to start cows milk and we have.

Lilly currently weights 19 lbs. 2 oz and is 29 3/4 inches tall. Overall a good size, so I am happy. Bean is still not a fan of shots and screams her little head off. She also had to get her finger pricked for the lead test. I hated it. Poor Bean just screamed her head off and was all sweaty, I too was also sweaty and practically in tears myself. Its just so hard to see them all worked up!

Before we left the doctors office I finally scheduled Lilly to get her ear's pierced. I am excited and nervous, mostly nervous about this. She is getting this done on Thursday so be on the look out for pictures and an update. 

Mainly I can't post without a posting a picture, so hear is Bean after her dr. appointment.
Here is an upclose picture of the digger Bean got when she tried to run away from me. I picked her up from daycare, and I let her walk to the car, but she had other plans. She was headed for the field and well since she is still so new to walking/running, stopping when you have to much momentum doesn't always end well. Poor Bean :(

What you do when waiting for the Raven's game!

Last sunday we had Grandpa and Uncle Benson over for the Raven's game. Like always we are dressed for the occasion. Lilly especially likes to sport the purple and black. Anyways, while awaiting game time Lilly thought it was a good idea to read some books. She did a nice job of getting out her book bin. Bean got so into the books she decided it was a great idea to get into the book bin as well and was very content sitting there reading her books.  I was lucky enough to get a few pictures of her in the bin!

All smiles all the time. Actually not really, she was so cranky that day, I had to take a picture of her actually smiling. I think birthday party aftermath was rearing its ugly head. She didn't have a good Monday either. 

After Bean was done with the book bin she moved onto crawling into the entertainment center. She totally cracked me up!

There is never a dull moment but I am so glad I had the camera near for this. She sorta got stuck and couldn't figure how to get out, but it was very funny! 

Sunday, January 18, 2009

It's Party time!

Saturday we had Lilly's 1st Birthday party! What a great time it was. We held it at Grandpa Erwin's because our house is way to small for that many people. We had a nice crowd, Nana and Papa Roach came into town for the event. It was nice to see them and we know Nana always loves to come visit. We wish her luck in her upcoming knee surgery.

This is what you saw when you walked in. Naturally Bean missed the sign and went directly for the stairs. She has lots more stairs at Grandpa's then at home so naturally she felt the need to get her stair time in.

Now back to the party. Bean did a great job with everything.  She shared her toys, she socialized and even wore her party hat! Opening presents got a bit boring at the end but she loves them all, and well I love all the new outfits too! 

Playing with friends! Brynne, Evan and you can even see Alex's butt :)

Sara and Alex...Al has such a great smile. 

I am really happy about something, Bean less then thrilled. 

Looking at what a cute outfit that The Merritt's gave us.

She does much better at opening bags with tissue, not to mention her love for ribbons!

Alex really liked the Vermont Teddy Bear Uncle Bense got Lilly. He did a great job with the gift, I am a big fan of it. 

Cake time was hilarious, she devoured her mini cake. I can't believe how much she ate, no wonder she didn't want dinner later.

Trying to blow out her candle. 
Looking at it...not to sure if to dig in or not. 
She totally destroyed it!
Bean in her cake coma!

The end of the party and she is ready to go. It was a long day but it was a great day. Thanks to everyone who came, and helped out. 

Uncle Bense and Bean. They wear their party hat well!!

So now I am blogging!

Thanks to my friend Sally and my husband Ben, I am starting Lilly Bean's Blog. I will try to keep up with this, but no guarantees.

I'm starting this one year in. Lilly aka Bean turned one year old last Wednesday. Wow what a year it has been. We have been through a lot. Happy, sad, exciting and new things. How did my 9 lb. 2.2 oz baby get to be one?!? I ask myself that several times at day. Its been an amazing process and I love seeing Bean learn new things. We are fortunate enough to have seen many of her first. I was able to see her roll over for the first time and also take her first step, I think its great since she has been in daycare since she was three months old. I do love the daycare she is in and I am so glad its at Ben's school.

Here are a few pics to recap the past year. I say a few since over this past year we took about 5,000 of them. Good thing for the digital camera era. I will most likely be adding to this, since there are just so many to go through all at once!

Lillian Marie born 1.14.08 at 1:13 pm 9lbs. 2.2 oz 20.5 inches
Three days old!

1 month old- Happy Valentine's Day to us :)
This is right ofter she rolled over for the 1st time!!- she was only 3 months old

All smiles!

Pool time fun. We had a small inflatable pool, Lilly enjoyed cooling off in it on hot summer days.

This was our wonderful trip to Buffalo, NY to see Sally, Rob and Jack.

A fun fall day at the park. We went there with Alex, we love to hang out with him!

Its Christmas time at the Roach's in Marion,OH.