Saturday, January 24, 2009

What you do when waiting for the Raven's game!

Last sunday we had Grandpa and Uncle Benson over for the Raven's game. Like always we are dressed for the occasion. Lilly especially likes to sport the purple and black. Anyways, while awaiting game time Lilly thought it was a good idea to read some books. She did a nice job of getting out her book bin. Bean got so into the books she decided it was a great idea to get into the book bin as well and was very content sitting there reading her books.  I was lucky enough to get a few pictures of her in the bin!

All smiles all the time. Actually not really, she was so cranky that day, I had to take a picture of her actually smiling. I think birthday party aftermath was rearing its ugly head. She didn't have a good Monday either. 

After Bean was done with the book bin she moved onto crawling into the entertainment center. She totally cracked me up!

There is never a dull moment but I am so glad I had the camera near for this. She sorta got stuck and couldn't figure how to get out, but it was very funny! 

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