Sunday, January 18, 2009

So now I am blogging!

Thanks to my friend Sally and my husband Ben, I am starting Lilly Bean's Blog. I will try to keep up with this, but no guarantees.

I'm starting this one year in. Lilly aka Bean turned one year old last Wednesday. Wow what a year it has been. We have been through a lot. Happy, sad, exciting and new things. How did my 9 lb. 2.2 oz baby get to be one?!? I ask myself that several times at day. Its been an amazing process and I love seeing Bean learn new things. We are fortunate enough to have seen many of her first. I was able to see her roll over for the first time and also take her first step, I think its great since she has been in daycare since she was three months old. I do love the daycare she is in and I am so glad its at Ben's school.

Here are a few pics to recap the past year. I say a few since over this past year we took about 5,000 of them. Good thing for the digital camera era. I will most likely be adding to this, since there are just so many to go through all at once!

Lillian Marie born 1.14.08 at 1:13 pm 9lbs. 2.2 oz 20.5 inches
Three days old!

1 month old- Happy Valentine's Day to us :)
This is right ofter she rolled over for the 1st time!!- she was only 3 months old

All smiles!

Pool time fun. We had a small inflatable pool, Lilly enjoyed cooling off in it on hot summer days.

This was our wonderful trip to Buffalo, NY to see Sally, Rob and Jack.

A fun fall day at the park. We went there with Alex, we love to hang out with him!

Its Christmas time at the Roach's in Marion,OH.

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  1. Yay!!!!!! I LOVE it!!!! I am so excited I can now get a daily Bean fix! :)