Saturday, March 20, 2010

Here are a few pictures for Lilly's March! These pics are taken with my iPhone so not the best quality but they do. Lilly loves daycare she never wants to leave, its a good and a bad thing if you ask me. She loves it since all the ladies, and one man there are awesome! She talks about her friends all the time and to me that makes me happy knowing she is in such a great place. The bad is she doesn't want to get in the car and come home. Running on the porch is one of favorite past times.

One warm March weekend, Aunt Kate came over to visit. We all thought it would a good idea to head the YMCA playground. Its not a far walk so we visit it all we can. Of course Aunt Kate was willing to help Lil do more adventurous things then we do, but that's what aunts are for!
Lilly also got her first ride of a tire swing with some fellow playground goers. She loved it! I couldn't believe she liked it so much, I think it also was she got to do what the big kids where doing, that's my girl.

Oh and whats a trip to the playground without swinging. Lilly loves to swing and I think its great she likes to try the big girl swings but it also make me nervous too!