Friday, April 30, 2010

Sunn days make me feel good!

Lilly had to stay home from daycare because she was sick. Both Ben and I didn't see any signs of sickness other then a runny nose, but they said she has a fever. She might have but as soon as she was home she was good. So we got to spend the day together. Lilly first of all loves this skirt, she calls it her tutu, and what princess doesn't love a tutu! She also has a new love for sunglasses, can we say diva?!

Lilly also loves to go up the neighbors stairs. I wouldn't mind it if our neighbor isn't so weird. None the less, I let her do it every time. I am just worried one day he is going to be home and he isn't going to like it. Oh well.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter time!

Easter morning at our house tends to be very exciting for Lilly. Ben is wonderful and let me sleep in so I missed all the fun. Thank god for pictures! Lilly is on the hunt for her basket with the litle help from Daddy she spots it! She got lots of goodies in her basket, candy, sunglasses, headbands, and more candy! Lilly loved the candy.

The past two Easters we have spent it at my dads. Its also a great place to set up an egg hunt! Lilly loved looking for her eggs!

Time for the annual Erwin Family photo! Don't you just loved Bean's Dora backpack! She didn't want to take it off, she loved it. Thanks Grandpa.

Now the annual Roach family picture. Its also the first time I wore maternity clothes. Things just didn't fit right at 8 weeks, yup 8 weeks!