Saturday, February 20, 2010


Baltimore was hit hard with a total 24+ inches of snow starting Feb. 5th- Feb 6th and the second storm was Feb 9th-Feb. 10th. The snow was absolutely amazing and even though Lilly was still young, I hope she can remember how much snow we had. She was out of daycare for over a week, and even my school closed, which never happens!!

Overall Lilly wasn't to thrilled with the snow, it was cold and she especially didn't like it when it was still falling and in her face. She did like however walking around the neighborhood, since she was able to walk in the street! I guess it was a bad idea on my part since she still thinks sometimes its a good idea to walk in the street by herself. Oh well, I will know for next time!

Here are a few pictures from all the snow. The good, the bad and the ugly!

The first snowfall. See how it was splattered all over the houses across the street, it looked like it was something out of The Day After Tomorrow.

Ben shoveling in attempt to not have to shovel to much later!

Lilly enjoying the snow out back. She would only go where there was a clear path! I don't blame her it was a lot of snow and there was no way she could have walked in it.

After the second storm. It looked all calm and peaceful, but man it was a lot of snow!

And now for the ugly! We lost our back gutter and the awning that hung over Lilly's bedroom window. A ton of people on out street and neighborhood lost their metal awnings. We lucked out!