Sunday, March 15, 2009

Weekend Playdates

The past two weekends have been busy with playdates! Anne and Evan like to come over since they are in the midst of redoing their kitchen. Last weekend we started off by walking by Lake Montebello. It was nice and warm and I thought it would be a great way to get some exercise. However, it ended with Bean screaming in her stroller and I had to break down and give her the paci. Once we got back home...all was well. Here are few pics of Lilly and Evan. 

Evan is all smiles! execerise

Lilly hugging Evan, he is not all that thrilled about it. 

Lilly showing off her drinking while crawling skills.

This weekend we hosted the monthly breakfast playdate. Ok, we just decided this was going to occur every month but it was a lot of fun for everyone. Jessica and David( big and little) and Anne and Evan came over. Jessi made some fabulous pancakes, Anne brought some fruit which Lilly couldn't get enough of, and I supplied the cooking area and the bacon.  I didn't get any pictures of the meal but I got plenty of playing. There are a ton, this only a sample. If you have Facebook, you can check out the rest there. 

 Evan getting some lovin' from his momma. 

He is one the out ladies he is a cutie!

Handsome guy David.  He loved the chair! 

Lilly and David playing, ok David playing and Lilly picking her nose. Not very lady like at all. 

This is the mayhem that occurred! I do believe all the toys are are least its colorful :D

After a nap and a snack here is Bean, isn't she the cutest!

Paci Update!

Well its been about two weeks and its been going ok not great. We win some battles and lose some. Last week I noticed Lilly was cutting her upper right molar so sometimes we really need the paci. However when we do give Lilly her paci, I take it away as soon as she drops it, so its not all bad. I have a feeling this is going to take longer then I thought!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

MOTC Playdate!

I just had to start off with  cute picture of Lilly Bean! I love this one! She loves her milk!

I belong to a great Mom's group called BaltimoreMommies and even though I am not a SAHM, I still get to enjoy playdates. We have a private group just for those of us the work, also know as Moms on the Clock (MOTC). This past weekend, Lilly and I went to one and it was a lot of fun to hang out with some moms and kids we haven't seen in awhile. Here are a few pics from the playdate!
Our friends Alex (my BFF's son) and Caelen. 

Here is sorta of a group shot, minus Lilly. 

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Operation No Paci!

So I had this brilliant idea that starting in March I would start taking away Lilly's paci. Well since the month of February ended with out me even knowing it, that meant March was here and I was going to stick with my guns, Operation No Paci!

I did decided that for naps and bedtime she could have her paci. This sounds like a great idea doesn't it. Maybe...ok well Sunday was the first day and man it was a rough day for everyone! I didn't realize how much Bean loves her paci. She melted down several times and I wanted to cave and run and get the paci but I didn't until 4pm. I just couldn't take the crying anymore. I only let her have it for a few minutes and as soon as she dropped it, it  was hidden. Out of sight out of mind. Overall I think we have been doing good I think she might be a tad more clingy but its only been a couple of days and well when its bedtime, she can't wait to get that paci in her mouth.  

I honestly don't really know why I decided she need to get rid of the paci, but like with bottles I pick these dates in my head and do it. Lilly was off all bottles by her first birthday, so hopefully by this time next year she will be done with paci's too! 

On a side note, I do think in the past couple of days, Lilly has been babbling and really is trying to communicate a lot more with us. No real words other then "all done" but she says something like "I want or I get or I mine" all the time when she is pointing and wanting something. Its really cute, I  will attempt to get a video but sometimes its just not possible. 

Monday, March 2, 2009

In like a LION!

On the second day of March, Baltimore had its first real snow storm of the year! WooHoo, I was excited and Lilly seemed excited to see it from the window.

We went out around 10 and last about 10 minutes. I think getting ready took long then we were outside! Lilly loved getting her snow pants on for the first time and when I handed her coat to her she went right over to Ben to get him to put it on. It was so cute.
Putting on her mittens

Once we were outside Lilly walked around and wasn't sure about all the snow at all. She did take a bit of a digger and then wasn't to happy to be in the snow anymore. So I carried her around a bit and then we decided to take a walk around the neighborhood. Lilly and I didn't make it to far, since the wind picked up. We got back to our front steps and Lilly thought it would be ok to do some more exploring in the snow.

I had just Lilly down in the snow for the first time!

Right after she took her digger.

Bean is all smiles! She really did like the snow!

Me and Bean in the snow...she doesn't look happy, but it was right after another fall in the snow.

Here we are in the middle of Chestnut Hill. No cars around, enjoying the snow.

After we got back from our short walk. Bean being more adventurous on the steps.

Lilly watching Ben shovel the side walk.

Keys in hand, Lilly wanting to go somewhere. She just didn't clue us in on where she wanted to go ;)

We did end up going to Charles Village Pub for lunch with Uncle Benson, Aunt Kate and Grandpa. It was great to get out for lunch and Lilly didn't do to bad. She munched on a mozzarella stick and stole my chips. She eventually eat some of the cheese quesadilla but most snacked on not healthy food. Oh well, snow days a few and far between, so I guess its ok. Overall, we had an awesome day and I am so glad I stayed home from work today! Oh not to mention Lilly managed to nap for almost 4 hours! Ben and I got to watch a movie without interupptions, yeah!


So I have been a bad blogger, but February just flew right on by and no post by me. Sorry about that. Since it was such a short month there wasn't to much missed.

One big event was Lilly getting her first pair of big girl shoes. She got a pair of tie pink and white Stride Rite sneakers. She has moved up inside and now wears a 4.5! I can't believe how big she is getting. When we were at Stride Rite, she wasn't a fan of getting her foot measured at all. It was like someone was killing her, and she just clung onto me. I am not looking forward to the next shoe fitting.