Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Operation No Paci!

So I had this brilliant idea that starting in March I would start taking away Lilly's paci. Well since the month of February ended with out me even knowing it, that meant March was here and I was going to stick with my guns, Operation No Paci!

I did decided that for naps and bedtime she could have her paci. This sounds like a great idea doesn't it. Maybe...ok well Sunday was the first day and man it was a rough day for everyone! I didn't realize how much Bean loves her paci. She melted down several times and I wanted to cave and run and get the paci but I didn't until 4pm. I just couldn't take the crying anymore. I only let her have it for a few minutes and as soon as she dropped it, it  was hidden. Out of sight out of mind. Overall I think we have been doing good I think she might be a tad more clingy but its only been a couple of days and well when its bedtime, she can't wait to get that paci in her mouth.  

I honestly don't really know why I decided she need to get rid of the paci, but like with bottles I pick these dates in my head and do it. Lilly was off all bottles by her first birthday, so hopefully by this time next year she will be done with paci's too! 

On a side note, I do think in the past couple of days, Lilly has been babbling and really is trying to communicate a lot more with us. No real words other then "all done" but she says something like "I want or I get or I mine" all the time when she is pointing and wanting something. Its really cute, I  will attempt to get a video but sometimes its just not possible. 


  1. Yikes woman, you are a brave one!!! I am TERRIFIED of the day I take Jack's bibbles away. I can tell you now it won't be happening for a while. SO far we still have the pediatrician's blessing to keep the plug in, so I am not messing with it! But boy oh boy to I admire you for your bravery and determination! (I think partially I am not read to give up the bibble- it is one of the very few things that still makes him a baby!)

  2. Thanks Sally! I am pretty sure if I was home all the time with Bean it would not be happening but since she spends most of the day without it at daycare its not to bad. Early evening are hard but so far its ok.