Thursday, January 29, 2009

Went to get ears pierced and left without them

So after months and months of saying I will Lilly's ears pierced we went in the crappy weather to not get them done. Unfortunately Lilly came home from daycare early on Tuesday with a fever. They called Ben to let him know she woke up from her nap with a 102 fever. Luckily crappy weather permitted Ben to say home with her yesterday.  I just thought it was a one day thing so I kept Lilly's ear piercing appointment. 

We loaded up and went to the doctors office. When we got there the nurse practitioner questions why Lilly wasn't looking good, granite she just work up but we told her about the fever and she checked her out. Well her lungs and ears where clear but she for sure had a 102 temp. I knew at this point we were not going to get her ear's pierced.  I am very glad that Ben was there since it took both of us to hold Lilly down while the nurse was checking her out. 

Today Lilly woke up with a slight fever so I was hoping we were on our way to recovery but as the day went on her temp went up and she was miserable. She also now has this gross cough, but she is sleeping. I hope tomorrow is a better day, and if not I will be calling the doctor and not to schedule ear piercing. Bummer. However I will keep you posted on when the big day occurs! 

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