Sunday, January 18, 2009

It's Party time!

Saturday we had Lilly's 1st Birthday party! What a great time it was. We held it at Grandpa Erwin's because our house is way to small for that many people. We had a nice crowd, Nana and Papa Roach came into town for the event. It was nice to see them and we know Nana always loves to come visit. We wish her luck in her upcoming knee surgery.

This is what you saw when you walked in. Naturally Bean missed the sign and went directly for the stairs. She has lots more stairs at Grandpa's then at home so naturally she felt the need to get her stair time in.

Now back to the party. Bean did a great job with everything.  She shared her toys, she socialized and even wore her party hat! Opening presents got a bit boring at the end but she loves them all, and well I love all the new outfits too! 

Playing with friends! Brynne, Evan and you can even see Alex's butt :)

Sara and Alex...Al has such a great smile. 

I am really happy about something, Bean less then thrilled. 

Looking at what a cute outfit that The Merritt's gave us.

She does much better at opening bags with tissue, not to mention her love for ribbons!

Alex really liked the Vermont Teddy Bear Uncle Bense got Lilly. He did a great job with the gift, I am a big fan of it. 

Cake time was hilarious, she devoured her mini cake. I can't believe how much she ate, no wonder she didn't want dinner later.

Trying to blow out her candle. 
Looking at it...not to sure if to dig in or not. 
She totally destroyed it!
Bean in her cake coma!

The end of the party and she is ready to go. It was a long day but it was a great day. Thanks to everyone who came, and helped out. 

Uncle Bense and Bean. They wear their party hat well!!

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