Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Big Boo Boo

Lilly too her first spill at daycare on Nov. 16th I'm trying to catch up so I am posting this late but better late then never right??

Anyway I got a phone call how Lilly has taken a spill on the playground and looked kinda bad. Usually when I pick up daycare Miss Robin isn't there, she leaves before I can get Lilly, so she just wanted to warn me it looks kind of bad. I was totally thinking the worse when it happened. They actually had to take her to the school nurse, it was bleeding so much. So I was worried all day, well it looked bad. Poor baby, looked like she was in a fight and lost!

Here are a few pictures of what she looked like.

This is one of my favorite. I think she is so cute, even all banged up!

I don't think the pictures ever did it justice but as you can see Miss Lilly still was as happy as she could be. I think it made her just a little bit tougher too!

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