Monday, October 25, 2010

Trunk or Treat

So in my previous post I mentioned how much Lilly loves Halloween, well it turned into her calling it Christmas and then I had to make a calendar at work to let her know what days she could dress up and the fun Halloween events we would be going too.

Well finally this past weekend, Lilly got to dress up in her Halloween costume. She has been wanting to be a kitty cat for months, so that's what she is.

Trunk or Treat is an event hosted by my moms group and this is the third year it has happened and we have been to it every year. I was stuck at the hospitality table most of the event, but it was part of my duty. Thank god for Ben, he has been a trooper, running after Bean and Al, since being 37 weeks pregnant it isn't so easy to get around.

We got a few pictures but they weren't great. Lilly was on the move and Ben was try to multitask so I will only post a few.

Lilly before we left, she was so excited!
She is possibly the cutest kitty cat I have ever seen! However I might be biased.
Just taking a cat nap! haha, no nap at home, so naturally she was out by the time we got to trunk or treat. I let her sleep for about an hour, I knew she would have been mad if she missed all the fun.
Lilly and her BFF Al, the AL-ligator (haha)
Digging in to her candy!

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