Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Some more potty success!

So pretty much everyday when I pick up Lilly from Little Friends, I have to stop and go to the bathroom, even if I just went right before leaving work. Gotta love being pregnant sometimes!

Anyway, Ben was also there to get Lilly today so I took advantage to go in after we got all of her stuff. Naturally Lilly had to follow me in to the bathroom. I went and then of course Lilly exclaimed she had to go too. So I sat her on the potty and she wanted me to close the stahl door, I was apprehneive about this but she did ok. So I hear her grabbing for the toilet paper and then some "tooting" as Lilly calls it. Then next thing I hear is some pee, so I was all excited about that and when I got in there to help her wipe and I saw some poop in there! I was so excited, I ran out and got Ben told him then ran into the daycare room got a new pull up and wipes and let them know! I was just so surprised and excited at the same time, I don't think Lilly really grasped what she did but I am one happy momma!

Oh and the funny thing is that last week, she told her daycare teachers she wasn't going to potty train until next year! Haha! Oh Lilly Bean seriously its really not the worst thing to use the potty!

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