Monday, October 25, 2010

Let the Halloween fun begin!

Yay, we made it to the pumpkin farm this year. Lilly has been all about Halloween and we have been reading books about this holiday for months. On Fridays I try and leave work a little early so Ben and I can hang out, we occasionally we will take a walk over the a local bookstore and one of the last times we went we got Lilly some more Halloween books and they have been a big hit.

Anyway, we made it to the pumpkin farm and Lilly was amazed. She loved her whole experience, from riding on the mini hayride to the big hayride, to the giant slide, and the animals. Only to top it off to spend time with her BFF Al, and getting pumpkins.

We went to Webers Cider Mill Farm on a Sunday, but it was also a BaltimoreMommies MOTC/C event, so we got to spend time with some of my mommy friends, some work friends and my BFF. All in all a good day.

Here are a few pictures from out trip.

Lilly and I walking toward all the fun!

Of course we had to get one in the pumpkin sign!

The giant hill slide! She loved this!

Aww, her and her best friend Al, conquering the slide!

The mini tractor ride, isn't she just so pretty!

Looking at the animals, see the black bracelet thing on her wrist. Yup she kept this one for about a week. She thought it was the greatest thing and was upset when it pretty much fell off her wrist. She totally loved the pumpkin farm.

Look at me, I got a pumpkin!


  1. Jack and Bean are on the same page about Halloween! Jack love love loves it this year!! He can't get enough of it! And about the bracelet- my parents and I took Jack to a farm on Columbus Day and he is still wearing the bracelet- yuck! I just can't get him to give it up!

  2. Its kinda gross how dirty the bracelet got after one week too! Isn't it crazy how they can just get so obsessed with one thing! I am glad she like Halloween so much, and even better that she picked an easy costume for me to pull together!