Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hair cut day

I have been talking about getting Lilly's hair cut for awhile, but have been super nervous about this. The last time we did it, Bean was about 16 months. She didn't do well at all, she totally freaked. Anyways, I bit the bullet and called Studio 36 for Kids and made an appointment.

This morning at 9:30 Lilly had her appointment. Things went really well. She got in the seat and Shannon asked us what she would like to watch. Dora of course! She got the DVD all set up and then Bean got a little nervous. She didn't want the cape and then she reached for me. I sat in the chair and then had Bean in my lap. She put the cape on and started watching Dora. Bean was a little apprehensive when Shannon started spraying her hair but was ok. When Shannon asked her to put her head down, she did, when she told her to look to the right/ left she did. I was so proud! Bean even let Shannon put some cool butterfly clips in her hair when she was all done. I am pretty sure when Bean looked in the mirror, she was pretty happy with the results too!

There was no candy bribing and no tears. A great success for the both of us! I did get a few pics of the after but they are from my phone. Yay again for a great hair cut experience.

All smiles!
She loved the butterfly clips.
Back view
Its starting to dry, doesn't she look so cute!
Same day, new outfit, but isn't she the prettiest!

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  1. She's a beauty!!! So glad it went well. We go to a special kids place too and it is still a wrestling match pretty much every time!