Friday, July 2, 2010

Potty Time!

I wish it was potty time, but Lilly still has no interest in the potty. We bought a Dora potty seat from Target last weekend and Lilly was so excited about it. She looked at it the whole time she was in the shopping cart and as soon as she got home she wanted it. Then it was time to get it out of the packaging. Still everything was a-ok. Until, we went and put it on the potty. She did the usual, scream and say "no I don't sit on potty". I was able to get her on for about 5 seconds and that was it.

Oh well I am not going to push it. Of course my Lilly Bean who did everything else, like crawl, cruise, and walk early but the thought of potty training, she is going to hold on for dear life not to do! I know she will eventually do it, but I would love for it to happen sometime before Cole arrives!

Just a few pics, to show how excited she was, again to bad it didn't end well.

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