Monday, August 23, 2010

She is growing up :(

I guess its to be expected but Lilly is growing up. Yesterday we went to Little Friends for an open house. Bean has moved up from Baby Friends and will now be with 2-4 year olds. I think she will do an awesome job and her language will take off and, fingers crossed, she will become more interested in the potty. But what happened to my baby? Luckily in a few short weeks I will be reminded what its like to have a newborn, but until then I can be sad about how my baby girl is growing up.

Today was Lilly's first day of Little Friends. Like my mom always did, we took our first day of school pictures and she already looks so grown up. Then, since it was break week, I was able to go in a little later and go with Ben to drop of Lilly. She was all excited to go in, and see her new friends and then we insisted we give her a hug and say goodbye. We should have just left, but when she realized we were leaving she didn't want to stay. Poor Bean wanted to go home and not stay. She cried and didn't want to leave me. Of course this made me upset and I am not really sure why (I am going to go ahead and blame pregnancy). So as we were leaving I started to cry. I had no doubt in my mind that she would be ok, but her being upset like this made me sad.

About 15 mins after I got to work Ben texted me saying that he got a phone call saying that Lilly cried for about a minute and then was off to play like it was no big deal. That made me feel so much better and only proved to me that she is growing up and ready for the new fun things that she will be experiencing this year. Go Bean Go!

Bean and Ben! Se is so little yet so big!
Me and my baby girl!
Up close.
Another pic and look at my belly, Me and Cole (28 weeks), and Bean 2 years and 6 months.

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