Tuesday, December 22, 2009

First Snow!

Baltimore had a big snow storm! We got and when I say we, at home in Ednor Gardens got 14 inches. It was so fun to watch it come down. I actually didn't believe it was going to snow so much like the weather forecasters predicted but it did! Yay for all the snow. Naturally it shut down everything the weekend before Christmas. All the malls shut down, schools closed, it was crazy. Which made last minute Christmas shopping not doable for us!

Since we couldn't go out we hung out at home. We made cookies, wrapped presents, and even had a playdate with out neighbor Sarah and her daughter Kiri. Her husband works for the Highway maintenance so he was busy plowing 95 the whole time so we kept them busy while he was out.

On Saturday while it was snowing we went out. Lilly wasn't to much of a fan. I had to bribe her to put the snow pants with a her paci. Then when I finally got everything on, she didn't want to give up her paci and then was miserable in the snow. Honestly it was miserable outside, the wind was blowing and it was cold.

Later after her nap, Kiri and Sarah came over for dinner. It was nice to have some friends over and Lilly enjoyed playing with Kiri. We are also proud of Miss Kiri. She is learning to stand on her own and did so well!

Here are some pictures of day 1!
Watching the snow come down.

All dressed and ready to go!
Ok, not ready to go, PACI!! is pretty much was she was screaming for, oh the dreaded paci!

Me and Lilly Bean in the snow.

Ben and Lilly at the end of our street.

Here is the night measurement Ben took. It continued to snow for a couple more hours after Ben took this but it didn't amount to much. So this is our official reading :)

Day two!!

Day two went much better. Lilly put on her snow pants and boots with no fight, yay! She really wanted to go outside and couldn't wait to get out. While Ben shoveled Lilly and I played in the snow, took a walk and even got some playtime in with Kiri!

Getting ready for the snow. Lilly also loves to play with my iphone. Really I can't blame her I love it too!
Yay, out in the snow, and man was it bright out!
She got some snow in her gloves.
So we put her in the snow, it was almost up to her waist, there for she couldn't move so didn't like it at all. She wasn't thrilled I did this what I wanted it to show how deep the snow was! Sorry Lilly Bean.

Me and Lilly in the snow. This is right after I put her in the deep snow.
Lilly and Kiri. Lilly and Kiri are almost a year apart and well my daughter is a peanut! Not surprising that Kiri is a big girl, her mom is super tall and her dad is a big guy too. However she is as cute as can be!
Kiri was also not a fan on being left in the snow.
Lilly walking. She pointed out every car. She loved walking in the snow!
Me and my girl! I love her!!

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