Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve!

Wow I can't beleive its Christmas all ready! Where did the time go? Well this year I decided that I was going to host Christmas dinner. No idea really why I decided this but it did. It was a small gathering since Carter and Becca couldn't join us but it was fun. For dinner, we had pork chops with apples and stuffing, green beans and carrots, potatoes au gratin, and bread. Lilly naturally didn't want to have anything to do with dinner so I made her a hot dog. Just a few pics from dinner and Lilly going to bed before Santa arrives!

Here is the table. I think my mom would be proud. I even used my silver!
The spread. Ok so we don't have enough hot pads to we used the oven mitts! My mom might be so pleased with that one, but hey we thought we were resourceful.
Ben reading to Lilly one last time before Santa comes.
Telling Grandpa good night!

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  1. I am way impressed by your spread! (And I know your mom would be too!) What a hostess you are! Go you!