Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tot Lot fun!

We have this great little area of Rodger's Forge know as the Tot Lot and Lilly just loves it there! My Mom's group had a later afternoon playdate and we made it. I think Lilly could play there for hours, here are a few pictures for our evening there. Of course it helps to play there for a long time we your BFF also comes. Lilly and Alex really do have a wonderful time together!

Lilly on the horsey, as she likes to call it!

Lilly and Alex playing on the roller coasters. SO much fun playing in the dusty dirt!

You can get an up close look at how dirty she is getting, but I don't dare stop her when she is having fun!

Lilly and Alex on the slide.

So classy, with her flip flops off!

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