Friday, June 11, 2010

Last Days at Baby Friends!

Today Lilly officially graduated from Baby Friends! What, my baby has already graduated from something and she is only 2! She even got a certificate of completion. I mean really its only daycare but man time had flow and she has grown so much.

We also said goodbye to one of Lilly's favorite teachers Ms. Erica. She is not going to be there next year so she will miss new baby Roach but I told her she needed to come meet the baby when its born.

Anyway, Lilly had a great day, she was so adorable, but of course I say that because she is mine. Grandpa, Aunt Kate and Uncle Benson all came to enjoy Lilly's celebration. Then we all went to lunch at CVP. The last time we went Lilly didn't do so great but today she was a champ. Its a little late now but I will post some pictures tomorrow of the celebration.

Picture finally! We took a ton, but I think these are the best.

Lilly giving Ms. Amy her present.

Aww, isn't she so cute, I love her!

Taking advantage of the fun slide! Dresses doesn't stop this girl, she is fearless!

Lilly and Ms. Erica, we will miss her and apparently Lilly was to upset to even smile with her, ok she really wasn't but Lilly has this new thing were she doesn't ever want to look at the camera when we want her too.

Her diploma, yes at two years of age, Lilly has a diploma.

This is what the presents looked like finished! I think they turned out great!

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