Thursday, June 24, 2010

Storytime Live

On Father's Day Ben and I took Lilly to see Nickelodeon's Storytime Live! It was downtown at the Hippodrome Theater, and neither Ben or I had been there so it was an adventure for all of us. I am not sure Lilly actually new what she was going to see, but we did explain she would see Dora, and I that pretty much sold her!

We got there and it was a whole bunch of parents and toddlers! We had no problem finding the place..LOL! There was no picture taking there but I managed to take a few low quality pictures with my phone.

Anyway, we found our seats and waited. Lilly was very good the whole time. She was excited to see Moose and Zee come out. First act up was Kia Lan, Lilly was pretty much in aww the whole time. Kia Lan was on for 20 mins, then it was the Backyardagains. This was another 20 mins and it was time for intermission. We figured Lilly would want to get up and walk around but she didn't, she cried when we tried to take her out, so Ben stayed with her while I went to the bathroom. On the way back I got her some pop corn. This was a hit and it was time for the show to start again. Up next was Wonder Pets, Lilly seems pretty into but was way more into the pop corn, haha. In between shows Moose and Zee came on, and I think Lilly really liked that part.
Last but not least was Dora! Lilly was so excited she was jumping around and had a huge smile on her face. I loved it. I mean I loved it as much as I could since we sat pretty much for 2 hours worth of Nick Jr. shows!

Overall we had a great experience and Lilly did a great job, I am thinking that we might be ready for a full lenght movie, I just have to make sure I can find one she will like.

Here are the few pictures I got, like I said they aren't great.

The Stage, we didn't have the best seat but any closer I don't think Lilly would have done as great as she did.

Lilly sitting in her seat!

Ben and Lilly after the show. Happy Father's Day Benjamin. I think he did a pretty great dad thing, by going. I mean what dad really wants to spend his Father's Day watching Storytime Live!?

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