Sunday, June 20, 2010

Baby Roach will be...

We had a big ultrasound on Friday finally, I have been waiting for this day since I got pregnant!

I really had no feeling what I was having, but everyone was saying boy. Ben also really wanted to have a boy, while I was hoping for a girl. I knew either way I would be surprised.

Well low and behold everyone was correct, we are having a BOY! We have now joined Team Blue!

I am pretty excited to know I will have the perfect pair, one girly girl and a one boy. My mom would have loved it!

We have not decided on a name yet, I know we have time but with Lilly we knew right away, so this is sorta torching me we don't have one yet. I will keep you all posted when we finally decide.

Here a few pictures of our little man.

The next three pictures are the up close ones of the first picture. We got a ton of pictures, so if you are in the Baltimore area and want to see them, just ask, I always have then with me in my purse!

Here is his face.

The infamous crotch shot! He is an active little guy, so its not the greatest picture.

Another picture of his face.

Our baby boy is nice an healthy and growing how he should. They didn't get all the measurements they needed so I have to go back this upcoming Friday, but I don't mind getting another peek at the little guy.


  1. It's only been a few weeks for us, but boys can be a handful! Congrats to all three of you, and Happy Father's Day to Ben!

  2. I love baby boys!!!! And I think it is so exciting for you to have one of each! You will love it. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!